The Founders

Jose Osuna
Co-Founder Jose Osuna

Jose Osuna, comes with 9 years of professional experience at Homeboy Industries, the world’s largest gang-rehab and re-entry program. Jose Osuna was the former Director of External Affairs at Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California. Osuna oversaw communications, community outreach, and public and government relations at Homeboy. He first arrived at Homeboy as a trainee and quickly emerged as a leader. Prior to serving as Homeboy’s Director of External Affairs, Osuna led Homeboy’s Employment Services Department as well as their Solar Panel Training and Certification Program. Previously gang-involved since the age of 10, Osuna served 13 years in prison and suffered the death of a son killed by gun violence. These personal experiences are the driving force in his commitment to serve the gang-impacted and formerly incarcerated.

Miguel Lugo
Co-Founder Miguel Lugo

Miguel Lugo is currently the Community Relations Liaison at Homeboy Industries. Miguel was born and raised in Long Beach, California, and his roots are deeply embedded in the Yaqui Nation. He arrived at Homeboy Industries in December 2014, after serving 18 years on a life sentence in the California prison system. In addition to being part of the Homeboy program, Miguel worked on several community advocacy projects, including Ban the Box and Prop. 47. During his time at Homeboy Industries Miguel has emerged as a powerful story-teller and advocate for the formerly incarcerated, gang-impacted, and native people. He is especially passionate about issues that impact those in the Long Beach area. Miguel is now a member of the senior staff at Homeboy Industries. He is a mentor to many of the men and women who walk through their doors seeking services. As he describes it, “Homeboy is a watering hole in the middle of the desert, offering hope, life and new beginnings to thirsty people seeking to make changes in their lives.”

Pastor Kyle Blake
Co-Founder Pastor Kyle Blake

Pastor Kyle Blake believes that everyone has value and worth, no matter who they are or where they come from. Pastor Kyle serves as the sole pastor at The Gathering Lutheran Church in downtown Long Beach, CA, where he proudly bears the title Lutheran Pastor to the people of Long Beach. His passion for walking with formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals was born out of a neighborhood Bible study that he hosted in his home for local gang members and their families. It was there, sitting around his dining room table, he began to realize that these men and women were not any different than him. He also realized that there was a need for an organization in Long Beach to walk with formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals and help them realize they have value and worth, despite their affiliation or criminal record. After talking with Jose and Miguel, who shared the same vision for a local Long Beach organization, Restore INK was born.

Pastor Kyle currently lives in downtown Long Beach with his wife and two boys. Many people find it odd that Pastor Kyle has never been to jail, never been arrested, and his dad is actually a retired police officer; but he loves walking with formerly incarcerated and gang impacted individuals, learning from them, and watching them use their gifts and talents to bless others.